An impressive list of expertise

Over the years, our group has developed expertise in essential processes to serve global consumers with highly innovative and effective products. This enables us to deliver exceptional quality and reliability as an innovator and manufacturer.

Generic Drug Development and Contract Research Services

We deliver high-quality and safe generic drugs to 39 countries across four continents, driven by the rapid generic drug development and reliable contract research services.

Well-defined process of R&D to Commercial Manufacturing

Cutting-edge research and development, systematic scaling up, contract manufacturing to optimize overall productivity, thorough clinical trials for additional safety evaluation, and solid commercial manufacturing, all in a well-defined step-by-step process.

Analytical method development and validation

Analytical method development and validation helps in getting accurate results and critical assessment of product-specific acceptance criteria.

ANDA Filing

We identify product potential, based on which we develop innovative process solutions. We then take care of the product approvals, finally ending with ANDA filing with the FDA.

IP Formulations and Process Technology

We have developed cost-effective yet highly efficient ways to develop IP oriented formulations. We also make the development of process technologies economical.

Experienced Regulatory Team & Formulation Development

Our experienced regulatory teams conduct regular quality checks throughout the developmental process to ensure that our complicated generics are effective and safe. Robust API manufacturers back our Formulation Development, making sure our supply chain is reliable and unhindered in the long run.

Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Para IV/ NCE-1 & 505 B2 Development

We have efficient development capability to produce Novel Drug Delivery Systems along with Para IV, NCE-1 and 505 B2.

Manufacturing expertise at our high-tech plants

Atlanta Plant

We manufacture oral solids in the form of tablets and capsules at our state-of-the-art US FDA plant in Atlanta, USA.


Dosage Forms Per Month
Tablets 80 million
Capsules 70 million

Ahmedabad Plant

Our manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad, India is highly modern and advanced, with a massive production capability. We produce Small Vial Parenterals, Oral Solids & Liquids, Beta Lactum, and Cephalosporins SVP in millions every month, managed by an expert team.

Unit II : Small Volume Parenterals

Dosage Forms Per Month
Ampoules 2 million
Liquid Vials 2 million
Dry Powder Vials 1.25 million
Lyophilized Vials 0.2 million

Unit III : Oral Solids & Liquids

Dosage Forms Per Month
Tablets 62.5 million
Capsules 12.5 million
Dry Powder 0.50 million
Oral Liquid 0.625 million

Unit IV : Beta Lactum, Oral Solids & Liquids

Dosage Forms Per Month
Tablets 5 million
Capsules 12.5 million
Dry Powder 5 million

Unit V : Cephalosporins SVP

Dosage Forms Per Month
Ampoules 2 million
Liquid Vials 2 million